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Skin Peels

Skin peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation and can be used to treat acne, blemishes and uneven skin, or simply to revitalise your complexion. A facial peel removes dead skin cells to reveal healthier skin, resulting in a younger, fresher complexion.

Treatments take between thirty minutes and an hour; some are one off treatments whilst others require a course of treatments. 

Glo-Therapeutic Peels

Different peels target different skin issues such as acne/acne scarring, hyper pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Here at Rejuvea we offer the Glo-Therapeutic range.

The type of peel or peel course is recommended following a thorough skin consultation.

Enzyme Peel

Helps break down dead cells, reduces oil for clearer, smoother skin.

Recommended for: dry, dehydrated, ageing, sun damaged, hyper pigmentation and mild acne.

Lactic Peel

Improves the appearance of fine lines with exfoliation and moisture retention.

Recommended for: Ageing skin, mild acne, sun damage, hyper pigmentation, dry and dehydrated skin.

Salycilic Peel

Deeply cleanses pores with antiseptic properties. Treats acne and rejuvenates skin.

Recommended for: Mild acne, mild rosacea, hyper pigmentation and rough skin


Repairs and regenerates skin. Aids in the elimination of actinic keratosis and improves the appearance of ageing skin and uneven skin tone.

Recommended for: Ageing skin, mild acne, sun damage, hyper pigmentation and ingrown hair

Modified Jessner Peel

Reduces the appearance of melasma, freckles, acne and mild rosacea with a synergy of effective acids.
Recommended for: Ageing skin, sun damage, hyper pigmentation and mild acne.


Improves the appearance of ageing skin, smooths fine lines and enhances skin tone.
Recommended for: Ageing, sun damaged and congested skin.