Reeta Kumar

RGN, BA (Hons), INP

Reeta Kumar is an Advanced Nurse Practitioner & Independent Prescriber. Reeta trained in Aesthetics 10yrs ago following over 27yrs of working as a registered nurse in the NHS. She immediately started her own clinic under the name of Rejuvea & her client base has gone from strength to strength, she is proud to say almost all her clients have remained loyal to her as they trust her skills & know they are in safe hands.

Since 2012 Reeta has worked in a world renowned Harley Street Clinic providing up to the minute skin treatments to clients from all around the globe, who range from ladies looking for a refreshed look to business men wanting slight enhancements to home treatments without it looking obvious to work colleagues.

Reeta believes Having a nursing background has its advantages in this industry, as it’s given her the skills to listen to her patients be empathetic & try to help them make informed choices. Patient confidentiality is key in her clinic as she has to adhere to the nursing standards she was trained with.

Patient reviews & feedback are available on request though she’s proud to say they generally focus on her ability to listen & deliver subtle treatments in a warm & comfortable environment. Here are the services she provides

Reawaken Your Inner Beauty

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